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Shriya and Mugdha at war?
(26 January, 2012)

When two actresses come together for a film, it is more or less given that the duo will be seen in conflicts. However for Shriya Saran and Mugdha Godse, it was a different kind of conflict when they shared screen space for GALI GALI CHOR HAI. No, they weren't fighting over Akshaye Khanna, their common interest in the film, but for food which pretty much divided the two.

"Shriya is a foodie. Being a North Indian who has been working mostly down South, she has a taste for diverse cuisine. On the other hand Mugdha is extremely diet conscious and carefully calculates her three basic meals as well. So while Shriya loved to grab a nibble or two every now and then, Mugdha shared a friendly banter with her and asked her to stay away," informs a unit member.

This means that there was a mini-war in the making as the unit-wallahs termed them as 'Regiment Heads' who were at war.

"Yes, Shriya was handling the 'food regiment' while Mugdha was in charge of the 'fitness regiment'," jokes a senior crew member. "Akshaye, who was expecting a cat fight between the two, was mighty amused since this was a war of a different kind. No wonder, there was no time for any other gossips on the sets since the girls were constantly seen debating about the pros and cons of food habits," the source added.

This also stemmed from the fact that Shriya and Mugdha have been friends for ages and hence the stint during GALI GALI CHOR HAI only helped them rekindle their past encounters.

"Yeah, we have known each other for quite some time and meeting each other very regularly in parties, launches and other functions. Moreover we reside quite close as well," smiles Mugdha, "She is a foodie and I used to pull her leg. On the other hand she reprimanded me for starving. Of course, all of it was in good spirit though. Though generally it is said that two actresses can't be good friends, we were clueless that why some out there are so insecure? In fact we were thrilled to be together and at times when none of us could resist the temptation, we planned some good dinners as well."

Guess this was the time when these 'regiments' signed a peace treaty between them.

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