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The GHOST of horrifying tales strikes back...! Spine-chilling anecdotes are back on big screen with GHOST, a flick directed by Puja Jatinder Bedi. Controversial actor Shiney Ahuja makes his comeback with this horror flick and is paired opposite the gorgeous looking Sayali Bhagat. Sharib-Toshi, gifted TV reality show prodigies, are back in news as they are the composers for this album with an array of lyricists in its credit listing. It was the super-success of "Maahi" (RAAZ-THE MYSTERY CONTINUES) followed by couple soundtracks of JASHNN and JAIL that made them a notable figure in the marquee and now all eyes are set on this album. Will they make it this time? Let's check it out...

Sharib-Toshi's patent style of composing that got huge applause and acceptance in "Maahi" (RAAZ- THE MYSTERY CONTINUES) make a wild recurrence of happenings in catchy sounding "Jalwanuma". This song has romantic yet intimidating spells of piano and violin works (somewhat reminiscent to the musical scores of HAUNTED-3D) and sets an intriguing ambience for this lovey-dovey love track. Sharib's deep-throated nasal twang carries this musical toil with flair of synchronized orchestral displays and the outcome is a pleasant-cum-warming musical number. Like a couple of Bhatt camp's stylized soft-rock ballad, it has a strong tinge of South-Korean rock-musical stamp that makes it a likable treat for ears. Lyricist Saagar attempts a new terminology ("Jalwanuma") for love and compassion this time and succeeds to great extent in adding substance to it with expressive verses. Sharib-Toshi starts off with a positive note and also an affable soundtrack that should be going well with multiplex audiences.

Sunidhi Chauhan's "art-of-vocal seduction" worked potentially in recently released "Aa Zara" (MURDER 2) and the similar vocal urge and oomph strikes back in the next track titled "Aaja Khatam Sabr". Once again, it's more of a visual spectacle than a listening delight as composers haven't tried too hard in making it in a format of opulent "item-song". As far as the composition is concerned, it has strong Bhatt camp musical fervor again and progresses with routine sounding words and verses. Sunidhi's sensuous tones are enticing and so do couple of enthralling electronic-fillers that add elements of intrigue and deceit in this soundtrack , an "eye-grabbing" choreography and slick camera movement will be a big catalyst in making this a successful musical piece for the flick. 

Going with dancing thump of popular tracks like "Salaame" (DHOOM -2004), the next track "Salame Salame" belongs to the Yash Chopra-Karan Johar's type of musical school, where there is ambience of upbeat DJ masti flowing around with fabulous voices. Shaan's energetically boisterous voice rules the dance-floors and gets clubbed eclectically with Bob's crazy emceeing and sets a tempo for a lively animated evening. Sharib-Toshi's composition is highly trendy and works promisingly on "cool" DJ maneuvers, sound engineering antics, which make it a highly infectiously likable attribute from the album. Shaan's gleaming voice is the biggest highlight of the track and by far the biggest reason to make this a "repeat" hearing worthy soundtrack. Go for it!!!

Sharib-Toshi's compatibility and dexterity in alluring urbane-listeners has so far been gratifying and the next offering "Dil Ke Liye", adds more glam to the show. Javed Ali's soothing baritones are solace in giving it an edgy romantic impulsive thrives that collages beautifully with soft-rock orchestral hues in the backdrop. The song serenades out an euphoric sentimental feel where Priya Patidar's feminine back-up vocals adds charming glows, an added saxophone jazz sounds too forced one but still song stems out to be a fine soft-rock ballad. Javed Ali recreates the magic of "Ek Din teri Raahon Mein" (NAQAAB) with his comforting throaty vocals throws and makes this as another worthy attribute from the album. Lovable!!!

"Kahan Hain Tu", a racy and agonizing sentimental feel rock number from the talented Sharib Sabri, comes out as the finale outing of the album. It pulsates out a typical rock-concert feel where the zany signature tuneful rock-feel amplifies with varying emotional shades of daunting feminine back-up vocals and moves tangentially with the quivering vocal thrives of the singer. It's again a contemporary rollicking rock track that can well be worked as desired background score in the compelling situations of the flick.

GHOST turns out to be a magical musical surprise from the promising composer-duo, Sharib-Toshi, and delivers out a bunch of potentially conceived soundtracks. Considering the low profile and meek promotions, the album does not have any major blemishes and surprises with quality rock-music substance in almost every of its musical offering, delivering out needful set of scores for a potential horror flick. The album entertains in tracks like "Jalwanuma", "Dil ke Liye" and "Salame Salame" while the rest of the two soundtracks are decent-hear situational scores. Sharib-Toshi deliver a potential musical album (if not chartbusting) and show promise of living up to the expectations of being competent performers.